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Relaxation day


Early morning yoga session and Paddywax candle keeps us cool and chilled. You may ask "Candle in the summer?"

We often associate candles with wintertime – the warm orange glow that cheers us up on a grey day or chilly, dark evening. But good quality scented candles are also seasonal, and the selection in our shop will fill your apartment with the rich and varied aromas of summer. 

Boheme Bowl - Sea Salt & Sage candle is designed to evoke the smells of a day spent at the beach, with sea salt and refreshing sage scents. It reminds us of crushing waves, sunshine and sand in our hair, green plants, good food and laughter everywhere. And it comes in a lovely hand-painted bowl!

And you can rest assured that all the candles we’ve included for you have excellent burn time and are of highest quality.

Because quality is important

Where possible, always buy scented candles that are completely natural, made from premium wax, perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils with pure cotton wicks.

Cheaper candles made from crude oil by-products, synthetic fragrances, artificial coloring and lead wicks can both smell cheap and nasty. They also burn very quickly, and we do not want that, do we? 



Everyone is happy that the sunshine is here, but do you know how to keep your pets safe? Here are some tips to help our furry friends enjoy the summer too!

  1. Never, ever, leave your dog in the car

Temperatures in cars can rise really high, which can prove fatal. It’s better to leave your pet at home. Dogs cool themselves off by panting – their panting exchanges warm body temperature for cooler air outside. And if the outside air isn’t much cooler than their body temperature, their cooling system doesn’t work, and they can get a heatstroke. Is taking your dog to the shop worth risking his/her life? We don’t think so.
  1. Keep plenty of fresh water in their bowls.

All that panting causes dogs to lose moisture much faster, so they should always have access to fresh, cool water. And deep bowls stay chilled longer than shallow bowls. Another great hit with dogs is the garden hosepipe. It’s fun for your dog and more importantly, keeps them cool.

  1. Stay out of the midday sun and protect their paws

Keep your pets out of the direct sunlight when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. Keep in mind that dogs with closely cropped or white fur and cats with thin coats are at risk of sunburn! Use pet-friendly sunscreen, especially on the exposed parts of their skin such as the ears and noses. And don’t walk your dog on the pavement if it’s too hot. It is recommended to walk your pets first thing in the morning or last thing at night during hot weather.

  1. Watch for heat stroke

Anxiousness, excess panting, restlessness, excessive drooling or, in severe cases, collapsing or convulsing are signs your pet is having a heat stroke. Seek veterinary help if you observe any of these signs!


A perfect summer pool party


There is nothing quite like a perfect summer day – with the sun high in a cloudless sky and friends and family gathered together once again around the swimming pool.

Favorite music playing in the background, great conversations, and lots of laughter. Children splashing around, everyone in great spirits. Of course, no pool party is complete without delicious food and drinks!

From summertime floats and pool accessories, we all need some new essentials accessories to enjoy the party.

This giant beach towel is guaranteed to provide you with all the comfort you might need. And with its colorful lettering, you’ll never be searching for your spot on the beach when you come out of the sea.

Are you feeling too hot and need to cool down? Grab this heart-shaped pink inner tube and float in the pool like a queen!

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade! Do you love lemons? Then you need this cooler bag in a shape of a slice of lemon. This lemon bag will not only keep your drinks cool but can be used as a cute handbag!

Lemon cooler bag

If you prefer melons to lemons, don’t be sad! We have one with a melon design too.

Bando watermelon cooler bag

Your beach game just reached a whole new epic level.

And, of course we need to have some stylish sandals! Your feet will be looking good and feeling great, since these Anniel shoes are super comfortable!

Anniel Sandals

Let the splashing around the pool begin!

Gift ideas for every superwoman in your life


Every Mother’s Day, we have the opportunity to tell our mom how special she is with a unique gift.

The pressure is on to get her something that will warm her heart. You want to find something that she will get to use all the time, but on the other hand isn’t very utilitarian. And overthinking it makes the whole process harder. So, we have tried to put some unique items together for you!


These beautiful gem necklaces come with a pretty card and a nice message.

Cosmetics case 

This zippered bag is perfect for collecting tiny bits and pieces - be it coins, jewelry, makeup…. And this beautiful print will make any day brighter – just like she does.

Market bag

This beautiful tote is sturdy enough to handle groceries, but pretty enough to take to a brunch or on vacation. And is machine washable – she loves all practical things, just as you do.


So much prettier than your average plain old glass jar. She’ll just love this striking pretty bowl version, and let’s not forget the delicious scent too!


If your mom loves fashion statements and bold colors, why not get these lovely bracelets. One for you and one for her. And we have so many colors to choose from!


Spoil your mom. If she likes nothing more than reading a book somewhere on the sofa, get her one of these gorgeous cushions. They make a pretty accessory and will keep her comfortable too.

Beautiful scarf

These scarfs will complement any outfit and your mom will love the comfortable feel of these.

Chaser: since when are comfortable clothes cool?


Today, we get to gash about one of our favorite clothing brands: Chaser.  

For us, Chaser totally redefined our idea of women’s clothing with its relaxed and lux lounge wear. Perhaps it’s the Los Angeles flair…. Chaser is designed in California and is known for its perfect fit, soft feel materials and innovative approach. It is a perfect combination of bohemian, rock 'n' roll and vintage!

The brand has been around for over 20 years but has only truly been a contemporary clothing line for the past 6 years or so.

We love that the clothes are so comfortable yet you forget you look cool or have a rocky edge on…. You just feel like you are wearing comfortable weekend clothes or relaxing around on a sofa all day. Anyone can find a perfect top with a message that will truly resonate with them. What more can you ask for?

Have a look! We’re sure that you will find something that speaks to you…. Or you will see a top that was designed with your best friend or sister in mind.

Stay Healthy this spring!


As many of our customers know, at Pampeli we feel it’s important to encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle. And one of our good customers and friends inspired us to share a few tips through this blog. So, thanks! You know who you are!

As they say, we have only one health. And with spring and vacations coming up, it’s on our minds more than ever at the moment. But being healthy is not only about being slim, spending hours in a gym or on a running track. It’s about feeling happy from the inside out. About making healthy choices without feeling like you’re giving something up.

Since it is World Health Day, let’s talk about some tips and tricks that are not too intimidating if you want to up your game a little bit. Don’t worry, there won’t be much written about how many times you should be working out each week!


Drinking water is very important. It helps with digestion, makes your skin vibrant, increases energy, gets rid of toxins, prevents those headaches…. Need we go on?

Take a reusable water bottle with you everywhere go, keep it on your work desk! And if you don’t like the taste of plain old water, then make your own spa water with a little lemon, mint and cucumber. Not too difficult or time consuming to make, but delicious. And we have a selection of reusable water bottles for you right here. Each comes with a reusable straw as well, you know where we are going with this right? (More on this later in another post).


Learn to plan week meals. This will make all the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy week! Sure, it does sound scary, but with a little bit of a game plan and all groceries at home, it will be simple to put together a simple healthy meal at the end of each day. And your purse will be thankful too.

It’s all about the size

And since we are talking about eating, there is one more tip. Watch your portions. A good trick is to cut in half your usual serving size. You can always go back to it later if you are still hungry after eating the first serving. You will be surprised, when you start going back for the other half less often. And if you do, you will snack less on those chocolate bars….

Tag a friend

Grab a friend and try a new workout class, if you hate working out on your own. Trying out a new workout will be good for your body. There is nothing worse than being stuck repeating the same old exercise routine. It’s good to mix things up and work your muscles differently from time to time. And tagging a friend will make you feel accountable for going and not giving up.


And if motivation is your problem, connect being active and doing something for yourself with something that you care about – a greater cause. Whether it’s running a 10K for a favorite charity or to support Cancer research, or just signing up for cleanups in the area you live in, it is something that will make you happy and get you off that couch.

Wear SPF

We think about SPF only when going on summer vacation, but the truth is, we should be applying it every single day. Have a look, there is plenty of brands that add SPF to their creams and foundations if you do not want to have another bottle on your bathroom shelf.

So, what do you think, this is not too difficult, right? What are you going to stick with?

Italian quality and innovation right in your shoe rack!


Anniel is an Italian hand-made shoe brand that has been putting shoes on our feet since 1976. It has come a long way since its foundation as the brand became known worldwide for its unique design and highest quality.

Anniel is based in Montebelluna area, close to Treviso and Venice, a district with a strong tradition towards sport shoes making. At first, the Anniel brand concentrated on making shoes for ballerinas and gymnasts.  But soon after, with the vision of a Japanese designer, Anniel stared producing soft unstructured shoes that became a trend in all the best boutiques in Japan, and soon took over the whole world.


Anniel nowadays stands for Italian tradition, the best quality material and of course its talented shoemakers, who hand make all these shoes. Its collections include a wide range of styles from ballerinas to ski boots.

The design is so unique that these shoes never go out of fashion. And we love the fact that we do not have to torture our feet in high heels in order to look fashionable, since these sparkly shoes make up for 4-inch heels any time.

Spring is officially here!


We feel that the arrival of spring also brings many positive changes into our lives. Do you feel the same?

Traditionally, we have celebrated the first day of spring on March 21, but now the spring season starts one day earlier, on March 20. Why is that you may ask?

There are few reasons the seasonal dates can vary. The first one is that a year is not an even number of days and neither are the seasons. And another reason is that the earth’s elliptical orbit is changing its orientation. This causes the earth’s axis to constantly point in a different direction. Since the seasons are defined as beginning at strict 90-degree intervals, these positional changes affect the time the earth reaches each 90-degree location in its orbit around the sun. Add to it leap years and we know, why the date keeps changing.

We will celebrate the beginning of spring on March 20 till 2047, after that the spring will start on March 19. And only in 2102 will the date change back to what we learned at school – March 21. So that means that it makes sense to forget what we learned at school and try to remember, that spring starts today….

Nevertheless, spring is for many of us one of the favorite seasons. At the end of what may seem like never-ending winter the nature starts to wake up as temperatures rise, fresh buds bloom, animals awaken, and the earth starts coming to life again.

Same in our lives. Spring is for many of us something like new beginning. We change our eating habits, and what at the beginning of new year seemed impossible, is suddenly so easy to accomplish. We are more active, have more energy and smile more often. Our habits change, and we pay more attention to our appearance and health. Our wardrobe is lighter and smarter, goodbye thick grey layers.

And the start of spring is also visible in our households. Vases are full of tulips and primroses, window boxes full of herbs, fridges full of green leaves….

Pampeli will add to this positive change too. We are adding a blooming (literally) row of products from our favorite brand – Bonjour Mon Coussin. Even if the spring officially started, but sunshine has not yet reached your corner of the street, these will cheer you up.

Why should we celebrate International Women’s Day?


Today marks International Women’s Day, a day that has been celebrated since 1911. Since the first celebration, women around the world have gained the same voting rights as men and have earned more rights in general.  

You may ask: “So why do we have an International Women’s Day? Is it to celebrate the achievement and the success of today’s women?” Yes, that too! But more importantly, it is to highlight the work that still needs to be done when it comes to gender equality around the whole world. The extent of women’s struggles is still overwhelming – be it in education, sexual and physical violence, gender pay gap, the number of women in politics, etc.

Last year, women's rights dominated the news with a global reckoning on sexual misconduct rippling across various industries.

Following the outpouring of allegations against prominent men in power, the #MeToo movement gave a voice to women on the abuse and harassment they suffer in the film, fashion, music, politics and art sector. And the headline-grabbing fight for women's rights continues in 2018 too. With female actresses donating money and wearing black at awards ceremonies in support of #TimesUp movement.

But how did it all start? 

Its roots could be traced back to 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to vote. A year later the National Woman’s Day was declared.

The idea to make this day an international celebration came from a woman named Clara Zatkin, in 1910 at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. She suggested that every country should celebrate women on one day every year to push for their demands.

How is Women’s Day celebrated around the world?

Countries across the world celebrate it in different ways. International Women's Day is a national holiday in many countries including Russia, where the sales of flowers doubles during the three or four days around 8 March as men and women give flowers to their female loved ones and co-workers. In China, many women are given a half-day off work on 8 March. In Italy, International Women's Day or la Festa della Donna is celebrated by the giving of mimosa blossom. Other countries also celebrate it in a way similar to Mother’s Day when men offer their wives, girlfriends, mothers with flowers and gifts.

So, let’s celebrate today! it is important to talk about the women that inspire us.

PS: And for our male readers, yes, there is an International Men’s Day. It takes place on November 19 each year and is celebrated in 60 countries around the world!

Raise your hands if you like LEGO® and handbags


Those who raised their hands, must have heard of Agabag. And if not, then you have come to the right place!

We need just a couple of words to describe this brand. Fun, innovative and unique. Each item is handmade by Agnieszka (goes by Agnes or Aga) Biernacka in her home-based workshop in Krakow, Poland.  Her husband Tomasz Biernacki helps out with technology and communication. They are the brains and hands behind these fabulous bags made of real LEGO® bricks.

The whole process of making these bags is so fascinating. Agnieszka first drills holes into each LEGO® brick she uses. Building and sewing a single bag requires up to 1000 LEGO bricks and several hours to create. She then sews the bricks together like beads. Once the shell of the bag is put together, she sews the fabric into it that is mostly made of satin. All the bricks used are brand new original LEGO® bricks that have an amazing fresh color and shine. Some bags even use gold bricks. The gold bricks are covered in a thin layer of 24K gold.

And we can guarantee that once you have one, you will be forever asked where you got that cool handbag. There's nothing better than having an accessory that is truly unique and makes a great conversation starter. The most popular of all the designs is the multicolor clutch.

Agabag offers bags in many different sizes and color schemes, including those with bricks plated with real gold, casual hip clutches or smaller handbags with fun designs. Any of these will perfectly complete whatever outfit you are wearing.