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Tia's Closet

Tia’s closet is a section fully dedicated to your furry little friends. When you buy any item, 10% profit goes to ‘Pes V Nouzi’ , a foundation based in Czech Republic dedicated to helping shelters across the nation with medical fees and vital supplies.

This initiative is in the memory of our little angel, Tia. She may no longer be here with us today, but the love she brought our way will continue to heal hearts. Just like it did with ours.

Tia was just a 4-month old tiny Chihuahua when we welcomed her into our family. Our father had passed away, and Tia taught us that it was okay to love again. We laughed every time she posed for a picture, with a big wide smile, as if for a dog’s toothpaste advert. We no longer felt lonely, when she snuggled in our arms. And just like that, she licked our tears away.

Tia was not a very active dog, and so, we ran some tests. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a chronic disease affecting her heart. The doctor told us, she had 2 more years to live, with proper medication and care. Three years later, Tia passed away in our arms from heart failure. It was a cold summer day. Tia was 11 years old.

Rest in peace, little Tia. Because of you, many hearts will now get a second chance.

Tia, 20/08/2003 – 08/09/2014